Will Adrian Peterson be ready to play by next week?

As many already know, Adrian Peterson was injured in last nights Sunday Night Football matchup with the huge Division rival Green Bay Packers.  Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer at the teams post game news conference.  Coach Zimmer told reporters that Peterson was in pain, but he could possibly be back to play next week as the Vikings travel to Carolina to take on the NFC Champion Panthers. Peterson had an MRI Monday morning, revealing a partially torn meniscus. If you remember in 2011 when Peterson tore is ACL, he came back even stronger with a near breakout season.  With that being said,  lets see how he responds to this injury.adrian-peterson-leg-injury

18 thoughts on “Will Adrian Peterson be ready to play by next week?”

    1. I’ve heard coach Zimmer say there is a possibility he could play but its not certain, depending on how he is doing towards the end of the week. Normally a torn meniscus rehabilitation takes 4-6 weeks, he can play through the injury just like Chris Johnson did when he was with the Tennessee Titans. If surgery is the route they plan to take, he’ll be back in 4-6 weeks after rehab.

    1. The way Sam Bradford stepped up Sunday night, I do believe if he can keep it consistent, they could have a pretty good chance of making it all the way. But its also very early in the season to decide anything crazy haha. But we will see how it plays out. Thank you for your comments, very much appreciated!

    1. I do believe he makes a complete recovery, although he will be out the rest of the season due to it being an ACL tear. He will comeback stronger then before. If you remember Peterson tearing his ACL back in 2011, he came back next season and broke out and lead the league in rushing yards.

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