Trouble brewing in Indy?

The Indianapolis Colts are off to a rocky 1-3 start, not something them or many others thought would happen. While some may pick a number of people to blame for this odd and bizarre start the one I would pin blame on would be the General Manager Ryan Grigson. He is a man who doesn’t spend money on high dollar free agents to bring in big names to help his team. He said he wanted to add sone offensive lineman to help protect franchise QB Andrew Luck and he hit a home run drafting center Ryan Kelly out of Alabama but one guy isn’t the answer. Another big issue with the 1-3 start has been the play of the defense. They act like they don’t know how to tackle and play defense. The first few weeks were shaky without some key starters but with guys on the defensive line and some of the defensive backs coming back things should be looking up for them. Just today they parted ways with CB Antonio Cromartie and LB Sio Moore, both guys saw alot of playing time in the first four weeks. As a Colts fan I’m holding out hope that things will get better. We will see if they can turn it around and make a run at the playoffs or are watching from their couches come January.

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